Creation of sites of all kinds
Website development is located in Belarus. We will develop for you any technical solution with budget savings of up to 60%. We are specialists in it, but we are entering the US market now. We will be glad to our cooperation
Our range of services
A team of experienced developers has been working for over 8 years | We create a brand for your company on the Internet
from 500 $

An online store is needed to effectively sell products from the catalog.
An online store website is created for:
✔ advertising products or services of your company;
✔ publishing information about your company and products;
✔ increase in sales;
✔ simplification of the purchase system for your potential customers;
✔ tracking and ordering.

Taking your business to the next level is not difficult
There are many benefits to creating an online store that will work for you even when you are busy with other things.

By creating an online store with Yanov site:
• Your product will always be available to a potential client, even on holidays and New Year's Eve;
• You will be able to accurately influence the target audience, which will lead to maximum profit from your activity;
• Your online store will work seven days a week, 365 days a year, day and night;
• You can grow your business without being limited by geography. The product will be available to a client living anywhere in the world;
• Offers of your product are not limited in quantity, the ability to create multiple items;
• Saving on rent of premises, you only need a warehouse;
• Presentation of your product to the target audience from the advantageous side;
• Great cost savings compared to a conventional store.
• Full control over the process.

from 400 $

A company's image strongly influences a potential client's decision to become your buyer. The main and indispensable tool on the way to a good reputation and correct image is the development of a corporate website.

You need a corporate website if:
• You need a powerful means of informing the target audience about promotions and new arrivals;
• You need an image that will correctly present your company to partners, investors and potential clients;
• With the help of an existing site, it is impossible to perform functionality that would satisfy the needs of the company;
• You understand the profits and benefits that the development of a corporate website can bring;
• You care about the development of your business.
The benefits that you get by creating a corporate website:
✔ attracting new potential customers and trusting the target audience;
✔ promptly and correctly informing investors, partners and clients about new promotions and offers;
✔ communication with clients;
✔ high-quality positioning in the market corresponding to the activity of your company;
✔ demonstration of your assortment from the advantageous side.

How the Yanovsite team works:

1. Filling out a brief for website development in order to obtain a finished product that meets the wishes of the customer.
2. Determination of the features of the functionality of the future site and creation of a design based on this information.
4. Choosing a CMS system for convenient and fast site management.
5. Layout of the design.
6. Programming.
7. Filling the site with unique, relevant and interesting content for the target audience.
8. Testing the finished version.
9. Delivery and registration of the site on the Internet.

from 300 $

The format is one page, but provides an impressive increase in the number of interested buyers, conversions, as well as site traffic. And all this characterizes the Landing page or, speaking in Russian, the landing page. So, Landing page is a site with one page, through which one product or one service is sold. Analytics services claim that 74 views out of 100 give you real buyers right away when using this site.

Benefits that can only be obtained from using the Landing page:
- It is a sale, not an advertisement (moreover, only one product or service offered by you), which leads to a significant increase in sales;
- Even if the buyer at the very beginning of viewing a one-page site did not think exactly to contact you with his question, then by the end he will definitely mark you as his real option;
- Landing page opportunities are not limited only to an increase in sales for a specific product, but also have a positive effect on the traffic of the main site.

Yanov site with a team of professionals offers you the development of a Landing page with a competent and meaningful arrangement of information, high-quality design, which will positively affect the decision of your clients to cooperate only with you. That is why the Yanov site involves various specialists - programmers, designers, copywriters, marketers, analysts, testers and many others - when developing a one-page site.

A versatile and comprehensive approach guarantees the success of using a landing page in business!

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Additional services
from 50 $

Filling the site is one of the most important and basic components of successful website promotion. The site needs to be updated periodically, but most often its content is changed. Because information loses its relevance too quickly, and irrelevant information is not able to attract and retain visitors to your site. Having entrusted the content to Yanovsite, you can not worry about the quality of the finished work. Many years of experience and an integrated approach ensure a consistently successful result.

1. We analyze the site and draw up a technical assignment with clearly defined goals and objectives.
2. We approve the action plan with the customer.
3. We are engaged in filling and conducting a detailed check of the finished work.
4. We approve the work done with the customer.

✔ content that will be interesting to your target audience
✔ information that will constantly attract new customers
✔ successful experience in this area
✔ individual approach
✔ detailed study of the project
✔ full analysis of your website, competitors and the market as a whole
✔ full control over the work process
✔ guarantees for the result
✔ increased website traffic
✔ customer growth
✔ adherence to time frames

Yanovsite is an irreplaceable assistant in business development

от 100$

Чтобы Ваш сайт был интересен целевой аудитории, он должен постоянно обновляться, обладать простым функционалом и соответствовать требованиям и желанием клиента. Поэтому для успешного развития бизнеса одной разработки сайта недостаточно. Развитие сайтов нужно для привлечения клиентов и популярности в поисковиках. Прежде чем начинать развивать сайт, нужно провести его аудит и составить план будущих действий.

Для этого мы:

✔ определяем цели и задачи, которые должны быть достигнуты с помощью сайта
✔ проводим проверку на соответствие сайта по выполнению поставленных задач
✔ анализируем работу конкурентов
✔ определяем потребности целевой аудитории
✔ составляем план удобной навигации сайта
✔ структурируем полученную информацию в четко оговоренный план по развитию сайта
✔ устраняем технические ошибки
✔ проводим внутреннюю оптимизацию
✔ проводим адаптацию сайта для целевой аудитории
✔ занимаемся обновлением и корректировкой контента
✔ при необходимости вносим корректировки и изменения в основной функционал сайта
✔ даем четкие рекомендации по дальнейшем действием
✔ оптимизируем ваш сайт для поисковых машин
✔ занимаемся продвижением Вашего сайта

С нами надёжно

Мы используем различные способы продвижения, что позволяет нам создать все необходимые условия для максимально быстрого, но эффективного всех поставленных бизнес-задач.
от 100$

Чтобы Ваш сайт был всегда доступен, а также безопасен для аудитории, он должен постоянно проходить проверку безопасности, а также обновлять системы защиты. Поэтому для успешного развития бизнеса одной разработки сайта недостаточно. Защита сайтов нужна для стабильной работы сайта и популярности в поисковиках.

Для защиты сайта мы предпримем шаги:

✔ диагностируем уязвимости сайта
✔ проводим проверку на соответствие сайта с современными стандартами безопасности
✔ закроем уязвимости
✔ обезопасим админку сайта
✔ проведем инструктаж безопасности сайта для вашего персонала
✔ лимитируем соединения
✔ настроем свободный доступ по гео-признаку
✔ проведем оптимизацию ядра сайта и веб-сервера

С нами надёжно!

from 100 $

Perhaps your business is useful and needed by people, most likely, you have tempting and lucrative offers. BUT! People will not make purchases from you, but from your competitors, who are in the first positions of search results. And this is all due to the fact that the potential client simply could not find you.
Being successful and investing in promotion are synonymous. One cannot exist without the other. Anyone who ignores this factor does not even know how many clients he loses every day. However, since you are here, then you are already on the right track!

By ordering a promotion from Yanovsite, you gain significant competitive advantages in the market:
✔ increase in brand awareness
✔ increase in profits
✔ sales growth
✔ website promotion only on requests that will attract a potential client from your target audience
✔ increase in site visitors who become your buyers
✔ increased visibility on the Internet, your clients will definitely find you

While you were reading this text, several of your potential customers went to the sites of your competitors!
The phrase "time is money" is more appropriate here than ever. Make a name for yourself, be the first in your business, with Yanovsite it's too easy!

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By the way, hosting can be ordered from us with a 20% discount.
Do I need to pay monthly for the site?
It is impossible to say for sure, because everyone uses different hosting, tariffs, domains are bought from different companies! And also someone gets a dedicated address and a powerful server. And some don't.

If we talk about our studio, then we do not take any monthly payments. You pay only for hosting, which of course is what you need.
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